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Building connections and partnerships everywhere to create a network for collaboration, capacity-building, resource sharing

...with the long-term in mind.

The Work

A connector hub that eventually connects everyone

and creates a resource network.

We've noticed that people seem disconnected. Everyone is so diverse and has a lot to offer, but we need more hubs designated for solely connecting with each other to share our gifts. This is such a hub. Through our hub, we bridge between the human and virtual to build lasting connections that support everyone in their projects and lives. Through this, we're building a resource sharing network, where people are so well connected that we're all able to have our needs met with a lot less effort in our lives. By sharing resources and experiences, everyone will have a chance to collectively thrive.

This is an organic, collaborative process made up of anyone who has interest in this work. As we grow, we're looking for people to join us in whatever capacity they feel best suits them.


We would love to hear how you would like to be involved. If you're interested, get in touch!

Converge          Connect          Collaborate

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