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...with the long-term in mind.

What We Do


Connect People

Connect people with partners and resources. Facilitate collaboration towards

common goals. Create a network.

Capacity Building

Offer hands on help. 

Provide coordination and organization for projects. Share a systems thinking perspective.

Online Platform

Provide an online platform as a hub with tools and resources for collaboration.

Building a Web

We help people connect, share resources, and find a sense of belonging

We connect diverse people on a grassroots level to meet the community needs within the context of our constantly shifting culture. Through application of big picture strategies to various challenges faced by people around the world, we're opening lines of communication and helping people see commonalities amongst each other. Those commonalities catalyze sustainable relationships that lend themselves to collaboration, easy resource sharing, and a sense of belonging. Community building and shared leadership experiences are the channels through which we bring people together. Ultimately, we are developing a resource-flow web for healthy, sustainable, and resilient community functioning.

How We Work

meet on common ground.png

We create spaces where diverse people meet on common ground, communicate and get to know each other, so that trust is developed, and resources can be shared. This builds capacity for each person, and in turn opens up more time for further communication throughout communities.

We open lines of communication and make time to communicate with each person about what we are each working towards, our collective resources and needs. This takes longer, but is fruitful in the end.​

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We build relationships through creating experiences and offering activities. Achieving an activity goal is secondary to the process of connection and collaboration.

sense of place.png

The above groundwork creates a sense of belonging and sense of place within the community.

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