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Abstract Bridge

Building connections and partnerships everywhere to create a network for collaboration, capacity-building, resource sharing

...with the long-term in mind.

The Work

The Work

The first step is communication.

With diversity comes great opportunity, and communication is the key to unlocking that potential.

Opening lines of communication, making time to communicate with each person about what we are each working towards, our resources and needs. This takes longer, but is fruitful in the end.

Creating spaces where people meet on common ground, communicate and get to know each other, develop trust, and share resources. This builds capacity for each person, and in turn opens up more time for further communication and collaboration throughout our entire community.

Building relationships through activities. Achieving an activity goal is secondary to the process of connection and collaboration.

Cultivating a sense of belonging and sense of place.

Diversity paired with Communication.png


The foundational services that started this work

Connecting People

Learning about people, groups, organizations, agencies, companies, and resources. Using that knowledge to facilitate virtual and in-person connections at common intersections. Paving the way for relevant resources to be shared.

Online Platform

Building a place online that will aid in this work to further opportunities for connecting, collaborating, and resource sharing.


Capacity Building

Sparking relevant collaborative partnerships between participants for resource sharing and capacity building.


Sharing a systems thinking perspective to problem solving. Providing

short-term, boots on the ground support that contributes to personal, organizational and/or community sustainability.



A face-to-face social network platform.

People empowered to thrive in their lives and endeavors through community building experiences that facilitate collaboration.

An organized group and structure, which connects and leverages current physical, economic, political, virtual, cultural structures to develop a community network. Built upon communication, collaboration and sense of belonging, this organization will offer opportunities that bring people together for relationship building and resource sharing.

Overarching themes will focus on effective communication, community development,  facilitation, group process, skill development, teamwork, relationship building, and leadership. Services and activities will help diverse community members understand each other more deeply. This will open pathways for acceptance and joint innovation in addressing today's challenges. Ultimately, it is about community sustainability and resiliency through collective networking.


Thus far, there is a very small Connectors Group who has been building this vision and supporting the work. The above Services have successfully been offered throughout the year. Through these services, connections with community members and entities have been made, creating a network that has furthered and expanded this work. A structure of Channels has been laid out. An Online Platform has a basic envisioned design, and work has begun to bring it to life. We are working towards offering upcoming virtual Gatherings, and have partners for hosting a Festival as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we continue to build partnerships and offer our services, building capacity for the vision to unfold organically and collaboratively.

Development towards this vision has been underway throughout the past year...



The backbone that will connect and integrate these services into the community

work crew, mtgs, gatherings
festivals, events, projects
Online Platform
location, connectors group

A connector hub that eventually connects everyone & creates a resource flow.

Upon success many many years from now, this organized group and services will no longer be needed because people will be so well-connected.


Converge          Connect          Collaborate

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