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Building connections and partnerships everywhere to create a network for collaboration, capacity-building, resource sharing

The Work

Connect People

We facilitate virtual and in person connections at common intersections. We pave the way for communication and sharing.


Capacity Building

We spark relevant collaborative partnerships between participants for resource sharing and capacity building.


We share a systems thinking perspective to problem solving. We provide short-term, boots on the ground support that contributes to personal, organizational and community sustainability.

Online Platform

We collaborate to build an online tool that aids in this work to further opportunities for connecting, collaborating, and resource sharing.

What We're About

What We're About

Thriving in our lives and endeavors through
community collaboration.

We connect and leverage current physical, economic, political, virtual, cultural structures to develop an effective community network that builds capacity in people's lives and jobs. Built upon communication, collaboration and sense of belonging, we offer opportunities that bring people together for relationship building and resource sharing.


Overarching themes focus on effective communication, community development,  facilitation, group process, skills development, teamwork, relationship building, and leadership. Activities help diverse community members understand each other more deeply. This opens pathways for acceptance and  innovation in addressing today's challenges. Ultimately, it we are about community sustainability and resilience through collective networking.

We are dynamic. Through shared leadership, those directly involved in providing the backbone and fuel for this work facilitate our success. Everyone involved in any capacity has the opportunity to continually collaborate, direct, and shape our ever-evolving structure.


Building a hub to connect and work together.

Creating spaces where people meet on common ground, communicate, get to know each other, develop trust, and share resources. 

Opening lines of communication, sharing our goals, interests, and needs. 

Cultivating a sense of belonging and sense of place.

Converge          Connect          Collaborate

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