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Setting the table for conversations so no one goes hungry

The Healthy Food Forum is a space for communities that are miles apart to come together for dynamic conversations that enhance access to locally grown quality, nutritious food.  Together we leverage our collective community support, knowledge, and resources within Cochise County to achieve our goals of healthier and more prosperous communities, while caring for the environment that feeds us.

We meet every 2nd Tuesday via Zoom 

What's Cookin?

Upcoming Forum Topics


Healthy Food & the Workplace


Getting In Touch With Your Food-

Community Gardening & Gleaning


Community Kitchens & Food Foodbanks 


Can't Make A Forum?

 No worries.  Not everyone can "tend the nest" at the same time, always.  Respect for capacity and time is vital to working together. Hope you drop in for a live forum, but if not there’s still a way to eat.  As a Nest we work to keep the knowledge and resources we've gathered together for all to use.


Our Resources

Here you will find slides of our past discussions (with embedded resources and info), a growing list of local producers, fellow HFF nesters, and resources in our community that revolve around food.  If there's anything you'd like to see- speak up!

Things To Do

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Get Gleaning Below!


Community Garden

What's Growin Down?
Community Food Event Calender

Respecting the capacity of our food system goes hand-in-hand with a group calendar. 

Logistics is a constant challenge and everyone desires well attended events. 

This calendar spans the entire county - before you set an event date- Check Here!

Please add to your newsletter/flyer distro emails to have your event added.

Steering Committee

Why do you believe The Healthy Food Forum is critical to Cochise County?

jason z.jfif

Jason Ziebart
Community Connected Health Manager
Benson Hospital

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"Access to affordable healthy foods is the foundation a healthy community is built upon. If we want to address health issues such as diabetes and obesity we have to start with access to healthy affordable foods. The Healthy Food Forum is working to help create a system where even the people living in the most rural areas of Cochise County can access health foods closer to home."   


Sally Holcomb
Community Relations Representative III, Community Affairs
Arizona Complete Health

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"Together we're able to collaboratively address common issues,  identify common concerns, overcome barriers and improve food access across the County."


Chanse Frenette
Executive Director, Strategy & Planning
Echoing Hope Ranch

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"One of the most important facets of nutrition is knowing where your food comes from and how it's produced. We live in a county that still relies heavily on agriculture to fuel our economy and the time is now to use this fact to our benefit. We have the opportunity to feed our entire county with the produce grown right here in our backyard. With education and resources, we can improve access to healthy food options, now."


Robin Dumas
Co-Executive Director

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"Food is more than just a basic necessity. It is a focal connector of people to their smaller, local community and its resources as a greater county.  Besides nourishment, food -and the activities surrounding it - are often the only connection to resources that many of our counties’ most-in-need residents will encounter in their rural daily lives.  A food desert is empowerment lost to rural communities; without this valuable connection,  future lives, education, health, environment, and the resiliency of a region are lost.  We've  created a vibrant work and community space where immediate challenges can be addressed and latest information rapidly shared. 


Liza Quinones

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"I believe the HFF is critical for CC because there is a need to work collaboratively on the topic of food in our county. I feel that if all the different stakeholders working with food in our county would work together to find gaps and become a stronger front the food situation in our county could improve. I believe the HFF can make an effort to unite these groups."

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