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Collaborating with our neighbors to thrive in our lives.

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...with the long-term in mind.

Building a Web

With diversity comes great opportunity,

and communication is the key to unlocking that potential.

Our collective impact focuses on building connections and opening lines of communication between community members. Through those connections, we increase capacity in the lives of each individual. Opportunities for connecting encourage people to tackle their individual challenges because they have support from each other. Community relationships provide avenues for resources to be located and shared, while collaborations innovate ways to use and even develop new resources. Resource access is improved for the community as a whole. With resources more readily available, each person spends less time struggling to meet basic needs and has more time to dedicate to their families and community, which is ultimately recycled back into the thriving network. 

The network built through this hub trickles out and impacts all reaches of our communities, for a long-term, sustainable impact. The hub helps us overcome disconnect and systemically tackle seemingly disparate human issues. People gain a deeper understanding and empathy for each other, healing division and disconnect. 

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How We Work

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We create spaces where diverse people meet on common ground, communicate and get to know each other, so that trust is developed, and resources can be shared. This builds capacity for each person, and in turn opens up more time for further communication throughout communities.

We open lines of communication and make time to communicate with each person about what we are each working towards, our collective resources and needs. This takes longer, but is fruitful in the end.​

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We build relationships through creating experiences and offering activities. Achieving an activity goal is secondary to the process of connection and collaboration.

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The above groundwork creates a sense of belonging and sense of place within the community.

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