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What WE Do

...with the long-term in mind.

The Work

People empowered to thrive in their lives and endeavors through community building experiences that facilitate collaboration.

We connect diverse people on a grassroots level to meet the community needs within the context of our constantly shifting culture. Through application of big picture strategies to various challenges faced by people around the world, we're opening lines of communication and helping people see commonalities amongst each other. Those commonalities catalyze sustainable relationships that lend themselves to collaboration, easy resource sharing, and a sense of belonging. Community building and shared experiences are the channels through which we bring people together. Ultimately, we are developing a resource-flow web for healthy, sustainable, and resilient community functioning.

We are an organized group and structure, which connects and leverages current physical, economic, political, virtual, cultural structures to develop a community network. Built upon communication, collaboration and sense of belonging, this we offer opportunities that bring people together for relationship building and resource sharing.


Overarching themes focus on effective communication, community development,  facilitation, group process, skill development, teamwork, relationship building, and leadership. Our community building experiences help diverse community members understand each other more deeply. This opens pathways for acceptance and joint innovation in addressing today's challenges. Ultimately, we're about community sustainability and resiliency through collective networking.

The nature of this organization is be dynamic, allowing for an evolving mission and regularly updated culturally relevant activities. Through a shared leadership model, those directly involved in providing the backbone and fuel for this work facilitate connection and collaboration.


Channels provide a structure for community members to get involved. Those indirectly involved can participate in the Channels however they choose. Everyone involved in any capacity has opportunity to continually collaborate, direct, and shape the ever-evolving work and organization.

A connector hub that eventually connects everyone & creates a resource flow.

[this strip (except for the "upon success..." piece is on front page, not sure if it should be on front or this page]

Upon success many many years from now, this organized group and services will no longer be needed because people will be so well-connected.


Converge          Connect          Collaborate

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