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CoNest is a tree-like structure which holds the resources that community members need in order to make a positive impact in their lives and surroundings.


This tree-like structure provides a space

for grassroots, self-organization where community members build Nests that are focused around a common interest or need.

Within these Nests, community members

come together, collaborate on projects, share resources, and ultimately make their

communities more resilient.


Anyone! If you have an idea, project, or common interest to be shared and need a space to work on it... 

come build a Nest!

  • Individuals

  • New or pre-established groups

  • Organizations & businesses

WHO can start a Nest?

Sometimes you just have a good idea but no one or nowhere to work on it.  That's what CoNest is for!

  • want to meet new people

  • have something to discuss or share with others

  • got a great idea and want to put it into action

  • need community support in an area of your life

  • need a virtual space to meet

  • want to collaborate with people beyond geographical borders

  • want to connect with others outside of social media platforms

  • need fresh ideas and new people to join your team

  • want to connect with people on a common interest


WHY start a Nest?

CoNest offers the space, but we all bring resources and knowledge to share. We work collectively to help each other grow and thrive.

  • Zoom meeting spaces

  • CoNest email

  • Web presence to get your message out to the public

  • Coaching to start up a Nest

  • Open workshop hours for Nest Building

  • Mentorship

  • Network connections

  • Collective shared knowledge

  • CoNest affiliation

  • Online resources

What RESOURCES do Nests share?

Get Started

Join us at an open Nest Building workshop to get your Nest up and running, pop-in to an
active Nest's meeting, or contact us to learn more.

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